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3D Printing : A Revolutionary Invention!


Just imagine you design a digital model of your house and within some hours, your ‘real’ house is ready and steady! Now if you think this could only be possible in your wildest dreams, then you are all wrong.  University of Southern California has developed this path breaking technology, called Contour Crafting. Though it is still not available for commercial use, but this 3-D printing technology is clearly bespeaking of an offset of a new era. Just like what computers did in 1950s, internet in 80s, and mobile phones in 90s, 3D printer is going to be THE future. Yes, this harbinger is known!

So, how does a 3D printer work? 3D printing is actually a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes. The printer constructs objects – from the bottom to top by adding materials. With each pass of the 3D printer’s motorized head, the device adds a thin layer of material – be it liquid, powder, metal or any other material (annotate them with ink) until the object is complete. Products can sometimes take more than 10 hours to print.

The production of 3D printers in small scale level has already begun. The first 3D printer was designed by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems Corp. in 1984. Since then, there has been a substantial development on this technology. Today, ceramic products are easily made using 3D printers. But we want to make shoes, giant electronic gadgets and even a house using 3D printers! And so, the research is ON. Even with such limited accessibility and throttled noesis of this technology, the current market of 3D printers is worth 2 billion dollars!

A ceramic mask made using 3D printer

A ceramic mask made using 3D printer


Currently, 3D printing companies are aiming to wreak its product for making chairs, toys, jewellery, and mainly home décor. However obscure it seems, even printing food is under consideration! Apparently, the biggest problem this discipline is facing is current technology. But the growth is inevitable. Given the current trend and the way new companies are coming up to contrive better 3D printers, this technology is sure to endure in coming days.

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By Kajal Kaswan


hindi poems

A beautiful rendition in Hindi by Kajal Kaswan

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The Last Minute Thrill…


It all seemed to be a great day – idyllic weather accompanied by drizzles, as I bucketed along down the Bhopal railway station to catch the running train. It was already 4:53 PM and the train led off its wheels at 4:50 sharp. I asked my legs to festinate so to catch the accelerating train. I ran like a perpetrator chased by a dog! During this catch-the-train jaunt I was reminiscent of the famous DDLJ scene – Kajol chasing a running train only to find Shahrukh Khan’s hand to barge in, and ultimately edifying an epic love story! Only it was a boy this time giving a chase. Obviously, that didn’t happen and apparently I was a fool to think of such an exemplary shot! The chase was still on and I hated it to be Kareena’s Jab We Met moment.  The train was still hustling ahead of me, and….

time management

And I know I am describing this more dramatically. So to cut it short, I did catch the train at last. I suspired loudly before taking my seat. I closed my eyes for two minutes and wanted everything to settle down – my heartbeat, sweat, breath and the heat. Time managed to conciliate all these, and I was back to my normal nous. Fancy enough, I did enjoy this last minute hiccups!

My father – a strict disciple of time and punctuality always taught me to be on time, no matter how minuscule the purpose is. He always wants me to reach station half an hour before the departure time, or fifteen minutes before an exam. That’s completely legit and I abide by it.  But the last minute enigma has its trance too. What’s life if it is nothing but a time-table?  7 AM breakfast, 9 AM College, 12 noon lunch, 5 PM home, 8 PM dinner and 10 PM sleep. What is so gratifying about this ‘chaste’ schedule? Where’s the thrill element? Of course, you don’t want to miss your career deciding exam or go late for your interview. Time’s pregnant in such crucial stages.  But leaving aside these junctures, there won’t be any catastrophe if you go late by five minutes for your class. Instead, you always get some attention!

Chasing a running train, going five minutes late for a meeting, ten minutes delay for a lecture class, missing the first five minutes of a movie and chewing over on what might had happened in those five minutes – Yes! These are one of the lot thrills and chills of life. The mystery, the climax – ‘What would happen if I am going to miss this?’  Yes, that should endure!  Even Biology says a human body requires some thrills, some shocks, and lot of adrenaline for its proper functioning. So why not give our body what it wants and not make it a boring time punctual machine?

This may sound condescending to many people. But I do have an explanation. A foolish will go late for all occasions. A timely person will always be disciplined and punctual (respect). A smart person will not be in any hurry; rather he will do things patiently and swimmingly by respecting the grandeur of time. And if by chance, he becomes late or get receded – will act accordingly to do what needs to be done. Adding to that, he will fully savour the moment. I do believe that in life if we miss something, we also gain a lot of things.

I have seen people who set alarm at 4 in the morning, and wake up ten times at night just to make sure it isn’t past four. I just want to ask them a question, why are you so afraid of time? I am not questioning their ideology, but their dreadfulness. Being punctual is one thing, but getting ghosted by this punctuality is a disastrous thing.

That day, when I became late to board my train, it wasn’t any deliberate act. There were reasons for my tardiness. But when I finally got into the train and hopped over my seat, I was sang-froid at my best – THE LAST MOMENT THRILL had made my expedition quite an expedition!

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Just A Pure Expression Of LOVE…

By Hetal Kanwar


Our love is so pure,
Our love is so serene…
You are the only one who loves me so truly..
Whose love for me is surreal,
Whenever my soul…
My heart….misses u…
Not a word I utter…
But just drop a tear…
Miss you my love…
My eyes looks for you everywhere…
And when finally you are with me…
There’s nothing this soul fears …
There are no undue worries..
There are no more tears!
Ha ha you’re like my favorite Johnson baby…
“No more tears”
Love you my sweet heart..
Love you no matter what..
Love you like anything…
Just keep smiling baby…
‘Coz I love u my love…


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A Station-ful Of Relationships


The solid ground beneath their feet resounds of haste. Strange faces with searching eyes; they look familiar to me sometimes—their impatience, their regret, their silence along with joy, warmth and hope. I share with them the similarity of all these feelings; a relationship that’s hard to describe. Apparently the whole world becomes one when it comes together on a railway station.

Each time necessity takes me to this place of “arrivals and departures”, I sense the entire place reeks of human feelings—old parents expectantly awaiting their only support (their children); young parents on the other hand, courageously allowing their own flesh and blood slip out of safe hands to search and make their world elsewhere. A couple, newly-wed, prepared to fulfill new promises and fresh responsibilities taking up their journey to a new destination—their nest for love and romance and then a spirited group of friends, undertaking a short vacation to refresh old memories.


There are porters carrying house-full of luggage and assisting fellow humans to conveniently board their trains to their desired destination. Every nook and cranny at the railway station is a billboard of life’s ironic relationships.

And then I come across the homeless, deprived kids who appear indifferent to the scores of emotions that might be hiding in them somewhere! Without a fixed destination, so it seems, they are there only to scrape a few coins together—they can board any train and ask any stranger for alms; such is their faith and such their destiny. The station becomes their transitory home. They don’t need to be anywhere else.

life at railway station

Kids at a railway station, their home!

Each time I come here I realize my bond with fellow humans—I observe from a distance the great dichotomy and irony of human relationships; the explicable enormity of our emotions—our banal fear of saying goodbye and our joy to welcome, to expect, to hope and to wait in spite of the rush, the noise, the loneliness and the haste.


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